Alpha Coir are the perfect option for environmentally sensitive used which help to protect against erosion and help vegetation establishment.

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If you are looking for reliable natural biodegradable erosion control products, Alpha BDM is the right solution for you. Alpha BDM can help to stabilize disturbed soil areas and retain soil moisture, thereby improving conditions for seed germination and vegetation establishment.The existence of 2 layer of UV netting provide additional strength and assist in reinforcing plant roots network against erosion and detachment during water flow or wind.

There are two type of Alpha BDM which ideal for dry slopes or water flow areas;

Coconut Coir (CC)

  • Coconut Coir (CC) designed to stabilize the soil while vegetation establishes.
  • Due to its thickness and fibre content, Coconut Coir (CC) is suitable for high water flow areas.
  • Depending on the applications and site conditions, Cocounut Coir (CC) have more than 1 year lifespan longer other biodegradable mat available.

Palm Fibre (PF)

  • Palm fibre (PF) made from 100% palm oil fibre which held together by a double layer of UV synthetic netting.
  • Palm fibre (PF) have lower lifespan than coconut coil and ideal for dry slope applications.
  • Palm fibre (PF) can be use to protect slope against wind and water erosion by reducing raindrop impact and slowing runoff as it flows across the surface.

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